Built on a foundation that seeks, above all, to make asset management simple and powerful, Primestream positions you for growth in whatever direction your business takes you.

What we believe in


Our mission:

To lead the way in developing systems that optimize media creativity.

Our vision:

A world where working with media is as intuitive as speaking your native language.


Ever see the movie, Armageddon?

…The earth is threatened by a giant asteroid and the solution is to drill a hole in it and put a nuke in the hole. The only team that can accomplish the mission is Bruce Willis’s posse of rowdy misfit oil drillers.


They’re not the biggest company in the business, they’re just the driven weirdos you can count on for handling the gnarliest problems.


The ones who won’t let you down.


Primestream is like that. Not the largest or the slickest or the best-dressed — just the best when it comes to crunch time.

Our Workflow Solutions



From HD to 4K and VR/360, capture all your live feeds and file-based content


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Streamline editing, newsroom, metadata logging, control room playout and more


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Seamlessly store, share, edit, review, approve and archive all your assets


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Broadcast live events, automate the playout of a 24/7 channel or publish to multiple OTT platforms


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Why Primestream?




Our platform combines our innovative components with best-in-class technology to deliver unparalleled flexibility, and proven reliability in a compelling solution – delivered with leading edge insight.


We resolve complex problems with solutions that are intuitive, simple to use and navigate – and doing business with us is easy and straightforward.


Our market-leading solutions are truly flexible, scalable, and highly compatible across platforms and infrastructures – ensuring long term viability and value.


With a background in media, we understand how critical it is to have solutions that just work. We ensure reliability with deep expertise and rigorous testing standards – our solutions are proven to deliver.

Our Team


Our passion drives every solution we create.


We arm some of the world’s top media creatives with the absolute best-in-class solutions to manage their most valuable assets. To help accomplish these goals, Primestream is always expanding and looking for top talent to join our team.

Claudio Lisman
Claudio Lisman
President and CEO
Mr. Lisman founded Primestream after more than 30 years of practice as an entrepreneur in the field of broadcast and telecommunications. His responsibilities have included implementing broadcast and communications systems and the development of advanced video solutions for leading broadcasting and telecom companies worldwide.
Namdev Lisman
Namdev Lisman
Chief Revenue Officer
With over 15 years of industry experience, Mr. Namdev Lisman has held positions with leading technology and production companies, lifestyle brands and financial institutions. His well-rounded background has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to customer relations, account management, product development, emerging market strategy and execution.
Jochem Vos
Jochem Vos
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Vos is the chief technology officer of Primestream in charge of the continued development of the FORK software suite. Prior to joining Primestream in 2010, Mr. Vos co‐founded Building4Media in 1996 and was critical to the development of the FORK suite, pioneering a number of aspects of software use for broadcast media applications.
Daniel Formica
Daniel Formica
VP of Engineering
Mr. Formica has substantial media and IT experience, including serving as Information Technology Architect for Telefonica US, where he handled top‐tier clients, including Sony, and also supported and supervised the American Operations of Telefonica Terra Networks, where he implemented advanced streaming and new media services.
JC Sierra
JC Sierra
Director of Solutions Architecture
Mr. Sierra has previously held positions at HBO and Discovery LATAM where he was responsible for managing post-production and broadcast systems, and focusing on IT media systems design and integration. JC works alongside Primestream's current and prospective client base to evaluate, build, implement and manage digital media workflow solutions, automation systems and high-bandwidth networks.
Our Customers


In our digital world we need to be ready for anything. Are you? The future isn’t coming, it’s here and it’s time to start unlimiting.


Want to join our team? Introduce yourself, and we’ll get in touch if there’s a role that seems like a good match.

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