Migrating to a Next-Generation Digital Archive

We have teamed up to offer a transformational solution for customers seeking to migrate their content libraries off of legacy, on-premises LTO tape archive systems and legacy MAM databases.

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The Challenge

Many companies have relied for years on legacy, LTO-tape-based digital video archives, such as DIVA, to store decades worth of production content, raw footage, stock material, and other assets.

Not only are these previous-generation solutions too slow and expensive for today’s fast-paced digital world, but they aren’t designed for fast and easy navigation and retrieval of archived content.

Migrating content libraries to the cloud can be a daunting proposition, and many don’t have the resources to dedicate to such a massive-scale project.

The Solutions


Primestream’s Xchange asset management


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Rapid Migrate


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The solution places Xchange at the core of the Cloudfirst Rapid Migrate SaaS-based solution that orchestrates massive-scale asset migrations to next-generation archive solutions.



Cloudfirst.io was founded to help forward-thinking organizations define, plan, strategize and execute on their long-term digital storage and archive objectives.

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