Browse and edit archived assets by proxy and seamlessly restore the high-res file for final output. Primestream integrates your production storage with LTO or object storage solutions for dynamically managing archived content locally or from the Cloud.

Cloud Storage

Store all your assets safely in the cloud with unlimited scalability and with control over your entire media lifecycle from capture, to production, management and delivery. Perfect for enterprise, sports, and broadcast operations that require the flexibility to launch a storage environment for short and long-term scenarios, while improving productivity and reducing costs.

File Transfer Acceleration

Share large assets and projects between global teams with leading accelerated file transfer solutions to improve productivity and speed

High Perfomance Storage

Move content between storage tiers and make file access transparent regardless of where the data is stored with Primestream media lifecycle management. Leverage high performance storage for workflows to capture live signals, non-linear editing, live playout and rendering.

Newsroom Systems

Import rundowns from a Newsroom Control System (NRCS), and update NRCS rundowns directly from the Primestream software.

Non-Linear Editing

With Primestream NLE integration, production teams can manage, share and finish projects inside Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X with powerful features for collaborating with metadata, markers and subclips and edit-while-capture workflow.



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On-Air Graphics

Manage external on air graphics systems for custom tailored broadcasts

Quality Control

Focus on the creative process by automating repetitive tasks such as Quality Control (QC)


Leverage industry leading, off the shelf server technology to run applications and processes such as transcoding and rendering

Social Media

Publish content to social media together with metadata using native APIs

Traffic Systems and Playlists

With so many different file formats, being able to easily transcode into the right format is essential to a modern workflow. Primestream’s built in transcode engine handles the process of making proxy assets, while also natively integrating with 3rd party transcode platforms such as Telestream Vantage and Elemental – freeing users to focus on decision-making and creating.

VDCP Server Control

Control all your VDCP devices together with powerful production and automation engine by Primestream


Capture all your SDI and IP signals with industry leading video hardware devices

Data Sources

Primestream logging integrates with STATS and AP metadata sources for adding accurate and rich data. Logged video files can then be searched, filtered, and organized by any metadata entry and more than one user can log the same clip at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the potential of your assets with our new integration with AI platforms. Enrich content with facial and object recognition, speech to text transcription, sentiment analysis, and more.

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