Manage your content regardless of where it’s stored

Find assets fast, streamline media operations, and evolve your workflow with Primestream’s Asset Management applications. Plus, leverage tools for metadata enhancement, Quality Control (QC), transcoding and much more.

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View all your content regardless of where it is stored, together with features for creating subclips, adding metadata and markers to help with finding assets later

Supports a wide range of major broadcast codecs and digital file formats such as video, images, PDFs and more

Manage archived content locally or from the Cloud by integrating your production storage with LTO tape or Object Storage solutions

Browse archived assets using proxy and seamlessly restore the high-res for editing and final output

Design internal video production processes across multiple departments of an organization

Enrich content with a built-in metadata tagging engine that integrates with metadata sources such as the Associated Press (AP) industry-leading metadata platform

Produce and store VR/360 content while leveraging spatial markers to add metadata based on different focus points



Trigger Quality Control (QC) workflows integrated with leading 3rd party QC solutions

Primestream’s built in transcode engine handles the process of making proxy assets, while also natively integrating with 3rd party transcode platforms such as Telestream Vantage and Elemental

Management Applications




Register media files and projects from anywhere with an internet connection

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Powerful metadata-tagging tool that allows for logging live or pre-recorded video

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Design internal video production processes across multiple departments of an organization

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Tie your facility together by bridging signal paths and hardware with file-based workflows using Primestream’s open architecture, client/server production and automation platform.

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Securely share and collect feedback on media across your organization and with external collaborators

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Search, browse and filter for media with keywords from a powerful desktop application for Mac and Windows

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Work inside Adobe® Photoshop®, After Effects®, Premiere Pro® and Apple® Final Cut Pro X

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Create projects and begin building out the story with features to edit-while-capturing live feeds with a growing timeline, subclipping, audio controls and more

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Manage all your content regardless of where it’s stored with Xchange, a web based, enterprise-ready software platform that offers single and multi-site operations global access to their content and workflows.

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Capture, produce, manage and deliver media on a global scale powered by a cloud infrastructure

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Case Study: VICE Media


Managing The Content Lifecycle At VICE Media


VICE Media, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a multinational media organization that delivers topical content aimed at Millennials utilizing a variety of distribution platforms that include print, broadcast and online. To meet the requirements of such a demanding audience, VICE Media turned to Primestream to create a high performance, cloud-based and on premise (hybrid) platform for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution.


Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the potential of your assets with our new set of APIs integrated with Artificial Intelligence platforms to enrich media assets inside the Primestream MAM with facial and object recognition, speech to text transcription, and sentiment analysis

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