May 6, 2021

Bringing New Immediacy to News and Sports Operations

The ability to access and log “growing files” from live broadcast feeds – while the program is being recorded – can be an enormous efficiency boost for news and sports producers, directors, and editors.

A tool for ingesting live feeds is a common fixture in most broadcast environments, as is a solution for managing media. But there aren’t many solutions that can bridge file-based workflows and signal-based architecture. With its new ingest access capabilities, Primestream Xchange™ does exactly that – with a powerful automation engine that ties together software, hardware, and people to accelerate workflows.

So why is this a big deal for our MAM customers?

While Xchange has always had the ability to ingest file-based content, producers previously had to wait until the entire program was ingested and encoded before they could access and log the content in Xchange. In contrast, the new Xchange ingest access feature enables journalists, editors, assistant directors, and producers to start creating a rough-cut edit of the program in real time as the live content is being captured in SDI- or IP-based operations, and then deliver the sequence immediately to air.

With the ability to access growing files, Xchange is perfectly suited for live news and sports operations that need to deliver up-to-the-second content as rapidly as possible. Here are some Xchange advantages in live video operations:

  • Rough cuts in minutes. Broadcasters can use growing files to bring new immediacy and add color to live event broadcasts. For example, when an extraordinary moment happens during a football game, a producer can put together a sequence of relevant clips that can be immediately played out to air. Operators simply review the live clip and use the timeline tools in Xchange to mark beginning and ending points of interesting segments. In the process, operators can add metadata with descriptive comments to facilitate easy search and retrieval of relevant content.
  • Streamlined postproduction. Once the producer has marked up the rough-cut edit, it’s immediately available to editors working in the Xchange shared environment. Through the MAM’s seamless integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro® or Apple® Final Cut Pro®, editors can add transitions, graphics, and other features to create a polished segment for inclusion in a later scheduled program.
  • Distribution flexibility. Through integrations with content distribution networks and more than 100 other third-party providers, Xchange delivers maximum MAM flexibility. This gives media operations the ability to link in the maximum number of content providers and workflows and enable the secure, real-time distribution of content to popular OTT platforms.
  • Remote production workflows. Although most news and sports broadcasters have had to move to remote workflows over the past year, important news has not stopped breaking — and sports fans are craving up-to-the-minute live content as never before. As a web-based, enterprise-ready MAM platform, Xchange is ideally suited for the remote media operations of today and tomorrow, giving teams universal access to critical content and the ability to collaborate and contribute from anywhere.
  • Future-proof operations. Because it’s Xchange, media professionals have the flexibility to create custom, smart workflows and adapt them as their needs evolve over time.

Start Unlimiting
The new ingest feature in Xchange is only the latest example of our leadership in developing systems that optimize media creativity – and that means removing as much complexity and as many manual tasks as possible from creative workflows. By making content creation workflows simpler and more powerful, flexible, and reliable, regardless of physical location or infrastructure, we’re looking ahead to a world where working with media will be as intuitive as speaking your native language.

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