March 2, 2020

Distributed Asset Management and the Cloud

Written by David Schleifer, Former COO, Primestream


OVERVIEW: The challenges around meeting the requirements for asset management can be daunting enough at a single facility. When the requirements start to include the cloud, multiple sites, and future growth considerations the complexity is multiplied. New requirements must be identified, and new challenges met.


Very few projects have all of the requirements identified up-front, but when a project is paired with a customer who is growing quickly, interested in innovating, building their workflows up from scratch, and expanding their deliverables, what you know going into the project, and what you need to complete it can be worlds apart. At Primestream, our experience with VICE Media has required both sides to work together to solve a host of workflow and technical challenges that started out as abstract ideas on a wish list for future consideration, but which then needed to progress rapidly to become real world solutions as VICE rapidly grew the platform, deliverables, and requirements.

The Problem?


In truth defining the problem to be solved at VICE was a moving target and that was both the challenge and the opportunity. In this case the changing requirements were not because of misinformation, confusion, or mistakes, but rather as a result of growth, accelerated schedules, and innovative thinking. The “problem” to be solved has changed over the life of the project and will continue to change with new solutions building on the existing integration and workflow. In retrospect we can look back at three stages so far, each with a core workflow, and all of which are still in use today.

While the initial challenge was to build a solution around the VICE Brooklyn facility and their workflow, it quickly grew into a need to also solve the media management and media lifecycle issues that they had struggled with previously. There was on-site production storage that continued to fill up, media scattered across hard drives, and many of the requirements that an Asset Management vendor often comes on board to help tidy up and resolve. The first step was to review the partnerships and infrastructure that VICE already had in place to see what we could build on top of and to see where Primestream already had integration that could form part of the solution. It was clear that there was already some great technology in place that could be leveraged, like the high-speed links and cloud-based storage that they were willing to integrate into the core asset management requirements, and that gave us our starting point.

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