January 21, 2020

It’s a Brave New Decade for IP-Stream Recording, Production, Playout and Distribution

. . . And Primestream Is Leading the Way


Written by Claudio Lisman, Primestream, President and CEO


Just like the rest of the broadcast world, live news production is going through a sea-change transition from baseband to IP-based production. Bonded-cellular technology is one example of how IP has sparked innovation and drastically simplified workflows for remote production and live contribution.

Bonded cellular compression and transmission has come a long way in recent years, and today it’s a reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality option for remote production and live contribution. In fact, it’s now delivering even better video quality than the trucks and 7-meter antennas of the old days, and at a fraction of the cost.

At Primestream, we’re all about simplifying IP and production workflows.

Our Primestream Media iO™ IP and bonded-cellular recording with live transcoding and distribution applications are geared to making the IP transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible. For sports and news production, it means you can transcode IP sources live, in real time, and make them available in a production environment right away. In other words, you can instantly start cutting highlights, streaming, and publishing to your social outlets without having ever transported the signals via baseband.

Here’s how we’re approaching bonded-cellular and other transmission protocols such as HLS, RTSP, and SRT.


  • Primestream Media iO IP-based recording, transcoding and playout technology. It’s the key for capturing content from virtually any IP stream, camera, or broadcast source and then transcoding it live for fast integration into a production, management, and delivery workflow.
  • The Primestream IP Network Operations Center. It’s a single software solution for recording, monitoring, managing, editing integration, distributing, and archiving. And it provides a single “pane of glass” for users to monitor multiple NDI or HLS sources, and to record, log, edit, and produce in real time all of this with live transcoding from XDCAM, AVC, HEVC, UHD, ProRes, and H.264.


  • The AI factor. Our Primestream Elastic Data Viewer™ AI engine automates the process of capturing metadata for large volumes of content, replacing a burdensome manual process and saving countless hours of work for video operations.
  • A unified platform. If you’re taking a hybrid approach to your IP migration, we have you covered. With Primestream, you can deploy a flexible solution that can take in baseband from one direction and remote HLS or NDI sources from another; in other words, you can control both SDI and IP-transport workflows all on the same platform.

The sky’s the limit – literally.

Clearly, video production is in the midst of a huge transition. With viewers expecting to watch their favorite matches on almost any screen, broadcasters have to figure out how to manage and deliver more and more types of transmissions. Drones and wireless devices like IP encoders and bonded cellular have also taken over global video contribution.

At Primestream, we’re excited to be a part of this transition. Every day we’re bringing innovation to the field to help our customers reach larger audiences on more platforms.


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