April 9, 2021

Meanwhile, Back in the Studio… Production Asset Management for Live Multicamera UHD Shows

By Namdev Lisman, Executive Vice President, Primestream

Did you know that at least half of all U.S. homes now have a UHD TV? It makes sense, because today’s viewers are more discriminating than ever about video quality. And now, after a year of pandemic, people everywhere have been stuck at home and craving all the high-production-value, live programming they can get.

This demand has created some interesting challenges for broadcasters and production studios that are in various stages of UHD and 4K content acquisition and production. For prerecorded programs, studios have tended to rely on file-based workflows for creating this content. But given the growing audience demand for high-production-value live content, more and more studios are producing 4K multicamera shows in real time for live streaming and broadcast.

One big development is the growth of affordable CPU and optimized hardware with the horsepower for simultaneous capture and real-time transcoding of multiple UHD streams. But, as any broadcast engineer knows, working with uncompressed 4K content presents significant performance issues in a live production environment. Most MAMs just are not up to the task of ingesting, storing, and managing extremely high-resolution content assets and then creating proxies and making them available to editing systems in real time.

At Primestream, we’ve brought together our Xchange™ cloud MAM solution with Creative Bridge™ to address these multicamera UHD challenges head-on. The result is an advanced production asset management (PAM) solution for real-time ingest, logging, and transcoding of multicamera UHD feeds in a live production environment. The Xchange logger engine enriches the content with metadata on the fly, and then Creative Bridge gives the content creation team seamless access to the content using creative tools such as FCPX.

In essence, the Xchange PAM automates the process of creating the multicamera line feed, a task that might have taken hours if the editor had done it manually in FCPX. The result? The solution saves critical time – translating to cost savings – and facilitates the immediate, real-time management of feeds needed for all types of live UHD studio productions: talk shows, game shows, soaps, sitcoms, and even live music and event productions.

Here are just a few of the ways the Xchange PAM smooths the way for next-generation live productions:

  • Real-time metadata tagging, editing, and playout
  • A control-room playout application that turns live recordings into quick-turnaround broadcasts
  • Built-in artificial intelligence tools that quickly find important moments based on sentiment or facial and object recognition markers, and easily create searchable transcripts and translations
  • A centralized multicam workflow that uses commodity servers or standard PCs, with support for Windows and MacOS.
  • Ability to simultaneously create multiple formats and resolutions, as well as multiple proxy formats. Automatic generation of proxies in all popular formats and containers with transcoding into ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD, DVCPRO, and H.264 on the fly.
  • Ability to schedule recording by date and time with recurring options.

Primestream has always been at the forefront of real-time content capture and management for fast-turnaround workflows in live production environments such as sports and news – first in SD, then in HD, and now for UHD and 4K productions. If you’re ready to learn more about our advanced PAM solution for multicamera UHD, click here.


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