During the month of October 2018, Primestream® will demonstrate the next generation of its Dynamic Media Management at NAB New York Show (October 17-18), CAPER Show in Buenos Aires (October 24-26) and Broadcast India (October 25-27). The platform features new solutions for IP video capture and delivery covering professional and consumer formats, a cloud-based review and approval system, robust 4K workflow, public APIs to integrate third-parties into the Xchange™ platform, and a new configuration framework for quick and easy installations. The next generation of Primestream’s Dynamic Media Management platform is built for ease-of-use with powerful features needed to manage even the most complex sports, enterprise and broadcast workflows from capture through delivery.


Xchange Hub

Primestream’s enterprise-grade Media Asset Management in the Cloud through a cloud-based version of its Xchange™ MAM solution will also be highlighted in conjunction with Tata Communications’ cloud storage platform and high-performance Video Connect network. The service also features advanced file acceleration and an expandable object storage solution – ideal for disaster recovery or content archiving. Learn more ›


IP Ingest Solution and Media Framework

Primestream has significantly updated its core technologies to ingest IP sources into single or multiple self-contained file formats and transcode into ProRes®, XDCAM®, DNxHD®, AVC-Intra®, and H.264 while quickly moving that content through to production, management and delivery. Users can preview proxies and live recording within a web browser, manage signal-paths and sources using pre-configured presets, create on-the-fly proxies and begin editing with growing streams in Adobe Premiere Pro. The update enables customers to capture HLS, MPEG DASH, RTP/RTSP and RTMP streams, while also allowing the capture of SMPTE 2110/2022 and Newtek® NDI IP streams such as HD-SDI and 3G-SDI using compatible hardware. Learn more ›

Review Hub

This new internet SaaS-based (software as a service) review and approval system can provides for on-site control and management with integrated communication to the cloud. The review and approval process is browser-based with annotations delivered seamlessly to the Xchange platform. Multiple workflows are supported, with comprehensive user-defined security modes to protect sensitive content such as watermarking and expiration dates. The solution can be integrated with existing Xchange systems, or can include a small on-site version of Xchange. Learn more ›


4K/UHD End-To-End Workflow

Primestream’s 4K/UHD end-to-end workflow covers all operations from ingest to playout. As adoption of this format increases, users can easily build on their specific 4K/UHD workflow needs. The update also includes support for HDR pass-through, live preview, and proxy generation.


Configuration Framework

A new centralized configuration module is now available across the Primestream product line with a common UI experience. This includes on-boarding, provisioning and wizard assisted installation of major parts of workflow for FORK and Xchange platforms. A built-in ‘help’ system is available that explains each available option. The guided system provides more consistently optimized solutions for customer problems.

Xchange Public API

Primestream’s comprehensive Xchange Public APIs with signatures and client access keys allows customers to extend our solutions with third-party integration. extending Interoperable Master Format (IMF) workflow in conjunction with third-party applications. A number of API methods will be available to deliver the feature-set needed by Xchange users including media registration, metadata searches, project creation, annotations and more.


For the latest in VR/360 asset management, Primestream will demonstrate an updated Adobe® Premiere® Pro extension panel that features a new project versioning system, improvements to archival workflow and lifecycle management with leading cloud and tape storage providers in addition to significant “under the hood” improvements for better performance and reliability.

Primestream can be found on the following booths at the respective shows: NAB NY Show 2018, Booth #N458 at The Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City; CAPER Show 2018 with BVS, Booth #I-60 at the Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Broadcast India Show 2018, Booth #C-309 at the Bombay Exhibitor Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai.