New features improve file and project management without leaving Final Cut Pro X


Primestream® presented a technology preview of their new Workflow Extension for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X at NAB 2019, which enables editors to access and manage assets and projects directly from within Final Cut Pro X. The tight integration between Primestream and Final Cut Pro X streamlines creative workflows, saving time, money, and stress, while increasing productivity and efficiency.

“When people are working with media, the best thing that can happen is when processes become simplified,” said Alan Dabul, Director of Product Development, Primestream. “By staying within Final Cut Pro X, users can accomplish more with Primestream in their primary work space. This makes the technical process easier and helps to make the creative process less prone to workflow interruptions. Editors can stay in context their edit and do what is needed, all from one window.”


New features include:

  • Sharing metadata, markers and subclips between Primestream MAM and Final Cut Pro X
  • The ability to ingest any media format and project file into Primestream’s MAM with support for importing directly from camera cards, and ingesting live feeds with edit-while-capture functionality
  • Managing content between storage tiers, including cloud, object, LTO, LTFS and more
  • Trigger workflows such as QC and transcoding


Primestream have been Apple developers for more than 10 years and their products  help editors work more efficiently and connect them to critical workflows to capture, produce, manage and deliver content. With the new Primestream Workflow Extension, Primestream’s asset management solution can streamline for your media management by seamlessly moving or generating proxies in the background, while leveraging features to search, import, browse and export content, all without leaving Final Cut Pro X – allowing editors to focus on storytelling. The new Primestream Workflow Extension also improves collaboration between teams by ensuring everyone stays in sync, and allows users to access all their assets and projects with associated metadata both within, and outside of their facility.

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