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September 13, 2019

Primestream’s Elastic Data Viewer for AI Wins of Best of Show Award at IBC 2019

AI Solution Streamlines Metadata Processes in Easy to Use Platform

Primestream was awarded the Best in Show Award at IBC 2019 for the Elastic Data Viewer for AI. The Elastic Data Viewer brings Artificial Intelligence to multiple industries by providing easy access to media with AI in the cloud. Primestream enables users to analyze and modify video metadata alongside AI datasets in a simple to use platform.

Challenges Addressed

Most organizations face multiple common challenges when it comes to managing media. The following points address these challenges, and highlight the solutions presented by the Elastic Data Viewer.

Challenge 1: Transcribing Media

Organizations are growing the number of international versions of media and need to manage and create transcriptions for an array of global languages

Solution: An automated multi-language transcription workflow that eliminates the need to send multiple copies of the same file to extract different languages within media.

Challenge 2: Classifying Media

Organizations have years of archived material that remains unclassified and is valuable content that can be repurposed if properly identified.

Solution: A natively integrated AO workflow with full support for a large range of AI classification results including Face, Topic, and Keyword recognition.

Challenge 3: Simplified User Interactions

Companies are using more of their workforces for new complex challenges and require a user-friendly experience

Solution: Data Viewers dedicated for reviewing and modifying AI metadata. The interface is designed with AI data in mind to make sense of the vast amount of information accessible to the user.

Challenge 4: Managing Dispersed Media

Organizations need the right tools to manage and keep track of ever-growing amounts of video and media assets generated by multiple departments.

Solution: A centralized and web accessible media asset management platform for video and media assets allowing organizations to keep track of large libraries of media content generated by multiple departments, wherever they are.

Challenge 5: Keeping Users Notified

Many companies have multiple departments collaborating on shared assets and projects and need to be notified when assets are ready for the next stage in collaboration.

Solution: A workflow automation engine that simplified and automates repetitive tasks, including AI processing, while keeping users notified via email on the progress of workflows being driven.

Features of the Elastic Data Viewer

The Elastic Data Viewer for AI is a module within the Xchange MAM that enables content producers and creatives to make better choices by providing easy access to AI data in the cloud.

The following features seek to address specific, and common industry challenges that creators face when moving through workflows.

1. Automates the process of sending media to AI systems

2. Receives and stores full AI metadata results including:

    • Face recognition
    • OCR
    • Transcription
    • Topic
    • Sentiment
    • Brand
    • Recognition

3. Presents Datasets alongside video in a flexible timeline view

4. Transcribes multiple languages automatically and all at once

5. Reviews and Modifies transcription results for final delivery

6. Exports AI data into NLE and Documents


The Elastic Data Viewer was recently implemented by the Organization of American States. Learn more

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