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May 1, 2018

Primestream’s IP Technology winner of Best of Show Award at 2018 NAB

Winners judged on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance.

The first of Primestream’s new Video IP solutions enables users to capture, edit and transcode web, camera, and broadcast sources such as HLS, MPEG Dash, RTSP, RTMP, SMPTE 2022, and NDI streams along with traditional SDI feeds into single or multiple self-contained file formats to quickly integrate that content into a production, management and delivery workflow. This new media framework gives users the ability to capture all of the sources they need using a single solution leveraging the same workflow across all source types. It also can transform the incoming sources into production friendly formats on the fly seamlessly connecting almost any synchronous source into the production and archival workflow.

The new Media Framework and the Ingest App let users easily manage signal paths through pre-configured settings. The pre-sets can contain defined sources and file format preferences, including IP formats, SD, HD, 4K/UHD and VR/360 Equirectangular media options all of which can be captured into defined production formats so users can effortlessly schedule recordings, set recording durations and metadata before and during capture.Other benefits include the ability to preview live recordings inside a web browser and edit while capturing streams from any source inside Adobe® Premiere® Pro with a growing timeline. The solution also provides HLS live output for streaming to the Web and smart devices.

Primestream Media Framework and Ingest App also supports the capture of NDI® IP and SMPTE 2022 streams such as HD-SDI and 3G-SDI while still being able to capture traditional SDI signals with compatible hardware. The support for both SDI and IP sources with support for a broad set of standards gives users the tool they need to manage their workflow without needing to change tools environments or products, and without needing to break the process down into the capture then transcode then import of media. The Media Framework and IP Ingest App solution make the process of selecting the source and leveraging it in production seamless and transparent.

Primestream’s new IP stream technology is powered by a new Media Framework and Media Player Recorder, which together enable native reading and writing of MXF-based or Atom-based files such as MP4 video, giving professionals the ability to work with leading broadcast file formats such as ProRes®, XDCAM®, DNxHD®, and AVC-Intra® while leveraging Atom-based file formats such as H.264 for creating proxy assets and the delivery of content inside both FORK™ and Xchange™ platforms or for delivery to integrated third party solutions. Combined with the ability to ingest from almost any source, this combination delivers simpler workflow and faster turnaround for facilities managing a wide array of sources and deliverables.

Primestream has also implemented the ability to both capture, and add spatial markers to 360° IP streams upon capture to highlight areas of interest in an X, Y space with the ability to zoom in on a particular area. By extending the workflow to include 360 IP streams, Primestream helps users future proof their investment.

The Framework, the Media Player, and Codecs are software components that are licensable and deliverable from Primestream.


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