Extend your workflow to new levels

Primestream Extensions improves productivity by seamlessly connecting your video, graphics, and visual FX teams with tools to locate, manage, and import assets and projects without ever needing to leave Adobe® Photoshop®, After Effects®, Premiere Pro® and Apple® Final Cut Pro X.



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Adobe® Premiere Pro®

Adobe® Photoshop®

Adobe® After Effects®

Apple® Final Cut Pro X


Manage all of your projects and content from a single application

Import assets and projects from direct-attached, cloud, and network storage

Get precise feedback when you need it with frame accurate comments and annotations

Trigger workflow automation such as QC and transcoding

Support for kinds of digital assets such as video, audio, graphic files and more

User & group management

Edit while capturing live feeds

VR 360 format support with spatial marker capabilities

Unify your content creation workflow

As an add-on to our Xchange web-based media management platform, Creative Bridge™ allows all members of the content creation team to access any creative tool — Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Pro Tools.


Manage an entire project, from start to finish.

Primestream Extensions enable you to work in the environment you are most productive in with our MAM and automation engine taking care of the fundamentals like media lifecycle management and proxy generation – plus features to search, import, browse and export all your content.

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