Build complex workflows with an easy to use visual interface

Workflow Manager, an addon application part of the Workflow Server helps you design internal video production processes across multiple departments of an organization. By simplifying task management, content creators are free to focus on decision-making, communicating, and creating while connecting administrators, engineers, and support staff to the workflow for staying informed and to help the efficiency of the production process.

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See every task in each step of your workflow with an easy to use visual interface

View the status of tasks and gain insights such as how long the task has been in progress and which user or group is assigned to it

Maintain consistency by requiring steps of your workflow to be completed before the next steps can begin

Assign workflow automation to specific tasks to fire off email notifications or transcode and QC jobs

Powerful task management and real-time monitoring

Operations run more efficiently when managers can see everything that’s going on in the system and track all the tasks under the system’s control. Now managers have a comprehensive overview of their operations that displays and logs every step in a process with information that can help improve workflows and increase productivity.

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Available for MacOS and Windows OS


Requires Production Server: Windows Vista or higher / Mac OS X v10.6 or higher