Production Asset Management and Automation

Tie your facility together by bridging signal paths and hardware with file-based workflows using Primestream’s open architecture, client/server production and automation platform. With cross-platform support and the ability to embrace all major tape and digital formats, Primestream Production Server is the keystone of a modern, integrated facility.

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Access all of your production assets and associated metadata from a single, unified UI, with powerful search capabilities and real-time playback

Live, tape, and file-based ingest, unlimited descriptive metadata logging and multi-field search, real-time proxy generation, lo-res editing and edit integration — all compatible with most major broadcast hardware.

Deliver multi-format assets with Primestream’s built-in transcode engine or integration for transcode platforms such as Telestream Vantage and Elemental.

Manage shared resources such as routers, CGs, and GPIs with a unique rules module that allows Playout Triggers, GPIs, and router events to trigger one another, allowing complex signal path changes to be managed as single events from within a Playlist.

Archive and restore content to local and cloud-based archive solutions from any location and across multiple storage tiers


Asset Management


The core of Primestream’s extensive Media Asset Management (MAM) capabilities, with powerful browsing features such as “smart folders” that automatically filter content based on metadata keywords.

Live Assist


Live Assist integrates seamlessly with leading newsroom control systems and existing control room configurations – enabling operators to easily push content directly to air or video walls to enhance their studio productions.

Workflow Manager


Provides a global view of tasks and processes. Design internal video production processes across multiple departments, and improve the communication and response time of engineering and support staff.



Log live or pre-recorded video with a range of metadata options, customizable layout, and the ability to assign multiple loggers to the same clip. An integrated and configurable user interface enables loggers to easily tag video with metadata into the production environment.

Server Apps

Workflow Server


A world-class Media Asset Management and Automation platform with live, tape, and file-based ingest, unlimited descriptive metadata logging and multi-field search, real-time proxy generation, lo-res editing and edit integration, as well as a powerful facility management framework compatible with nearly all major broadcast hardware.

Archive Server


Enterprise-ready Archive workflow platform offering integrations with the industry’s leading on-premise and Cloud-based archive systems.


Learn more about our archive integration partners here.

Transcode Server


The transcode and file management work horse of the Primestream ecosystem supports all broadcast, post and streaming formats such as XDCAM, AVC, ProRes, H.264 and many others.

Watch Agent


A simple automated watch folder and media verification application that manages the importing of most file-based media so you can focus on the creative process.