Browse and edit archived assets by proxy and seamlessly restore the high-res file for final output. Primestream integrates your production storage with LTO or object storage solutions for dynamically managing archived content locally or from the Cloud.



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Solutions Highlights


Easily archive your growing catalogue of media files with powerful retrieval workflows.

Integrates your production storage with LTO or Object Storage solutions for dynamically managing your content locally or from the Cloud.

Import assets and projects from direct-attached, cloud, and network storage

Easily store projects and backup media in the cloud with powerful tools to browse and retrieve content

Manage an entire project from within Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Apple Final Cut Pro

Trigger workflow automation such as proxy creation, quality control, and transcoding – allowing teams to focus on the creative process


Keep up with content demands more quickly by streamlining your media lifecycle from acquisition to final delivery

Solidify the link between media operations and business practices to make your operations more efficient and profitable than the competition

Offset growing operation costs and create new revenue streams by quickly searching through and repurposing existing content

Cater to different facilities’ needs by integrating Primestream and third-party workflows into one platform

Unify remote and local facilities by enabling them to search for and access the same media and metadata

Simplify your processes and save time through such features as automation, multi-vendor integration, and managing transcodes and uploads in the background

React to the need for cost-effective global production by enabling remote workflows and collaboration

Keep files preserved, secure, and metadata-enriched, minimizing data loss and time and money spent on manual archiving and retrieving content

Respond to consumer demand for ubiquitous content by delivering content across multiple channels

Easily store projects and backup media in the cloud with powerful tools to browse and retrieve content

Case Study: VICE Media


Managing The Content Lifecycle At VICE Media


VICE Media, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a multinational media organization that delivers topical content aimed at Millennials utilizing a variety of distribution platforms that include print, broadcast and online. To meet the requirements of such a demanding audience, VICE Media turned to Primestream to create a high performance, cloud-based and on premise (hybrid) platform for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution.


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