File Ingest

In today’s productions, media files can come from a large variety of camera types. The camera files structures, codec types and wrappers can be complicated to manage and even more difficult to ingest into your production environment. Primestream file ingest solutions provide a simple way to capture a wide variety of acquisition formats while automatically transcoding assets to internal house formats for workflows such as editing or distribution.

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Solutions Highlights


Submit raw footage and finished packages with multiple file selection and drag-n-drop support

Add metadata to assets using preset forms aimed to standardize metadata entries

Support for kinds of digital assets such as video, audio, graphics, projects files and more

Register assets inside Adobe® Photoshop®, After Effects®, Premiere Pro® and Apple® Final Cut Pro X

Contribute content into Primestream’s MAM from anywhere in the word using your iPhone®–conveniently and cost effectively

Import assets and projects from direct-attached, cloud, and network storage

Automate the creation of real-time proxies through configured presets

Trigger workflow automation such as QC and transcoding

Support for 4K UHD with HDR

VR 360 format support with spatial marker capabilities

Case Study: VICE Media


Managing The Content Lifecycle At VICE Media


VICE Media, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a multinational media organization that delivers topical content aimed at Millennials utilizing a variety of distribution platforms that include print, broadcast and online. To meet the requirements of such a demanding audience, VICE Media turned to Primestream to create a high performance, cloud-based and on premise (hybrid) platform for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution.


Capturing ever-increasing amounts of content from a growing range of sources

Today, media creators need to handle more content from more sources than ever before. With an explosion in digital media and advances in broadcast technology, you are probably grappling with the entire range of media workflow including:

  • New IP-based feeds
  • Bleeding edge 4K, 8k and 360 video workflows
  • File-based contribution
  • Traditional broadcast SDI contribution


Don’t be stuck implementing inflexible and limited solutions. The future has arrived and it demands the flexibility to handle the past, present and future parts of your business.


Unify your environment and take control of your workflows with Primestream.

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Extend your workflow to new levels

Primestream Extensions improves productivity by seamlessly connecting your video, graphics, and visual FX teams with tools to locate, manage, and import assets and projects without ever needing to leave Adobe® Photoshop®, After Effects®, Premiere Pro® and Apple® Final Cut Pro X.

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